“Before You Write Off Meditation Try this…

If you’re like most people then you probably think meditation is a gentle nudge in the direction of living a monk’s life. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
You don’t have to sell your Ferrari and all your prized possessions to have inner well-being. You can actually have it all. Adding some form of meditation to your daily schedule can help you achieve a perfectly healthy work-life balance.

“Meditation just feels like more work on top of all the other work I have to get done.”

If this is what you’re thinking, then try having a complete mental breakdown. When you get burned out it could take you days to recover. Enter complete bed rest or hospital.

I bet you didn’t know that burn out is an actual condition that can be avoided by healthy stress management. No booze, pills, or constant cigarette breaks here.
If you’re reading this then I want to assume you’re a go-getter. Having your mind at peace is crucial for optimal performance. You just can’t afford to be breaking down left, right, and center. Who’s going to take care of the bills, the house, the kid(s)?

“But then what am I supposed to do? How can I achieve my greatest fulfilment in this ever-rushing economy without losing my mind?”

Don’t pull your hair out just yet. Meditation doesn’t have to be boring, tedious, or time consuming. Five minutes a day could be all you need to keep your brain tip-top.

Presenting: The Five-minute shower meditation
That’s right… Five minutes.

Minute One:
The door to your bathroom…
Be aware of the heaviness of the door as you swing it wide open, the texture of the wood, or glass, and the knob in your hand.
Notice the feel of the marble, the bath floor, the roughness or smoothness of it. The coolness and firmness of it.
Minute two:
The different scents in the room…
As you take off your robe/towel observe the intensity or paleness of color on it, and the smell of your detergent. Get a whiff of your shampoo, the bar soap that you use, and the freshness of it.
Minute Three:
The warmth on your skin…
Turn on the faucet and close your eyes. Recognize the hundreds of holes in the shower head and the water trickling down onto your skin.
As the water touches each part of you be thankful for it. Your crown of beautiful hair — if you’re wearing a shower cap it’s cool, if you’re bald even better. Just focus on the first part that the water touches, and then all the other parts of the glorious masterpiece that is your body. <You can start lathering up now😄>
Minute Four:
The sounds all around you…
Listen to the sound of the water as it pours. Be thankful for it, and where it came from (not just the pipes). Imagine its journey from the mountains, rivers, all the wonderful earthy minerals it’s accumulated to nourish and cleanse you.
Tune your ear to the sounds of birds outside if it’s morning. Crickets if it’s night. Imagine they’re your own personal orchestra and be thankful for them.
Minute Five:
As the water continues to trickle down, imagine your worries being carried away. All your tension, all your fears, all your insecurities, all negativity and non-productivity just washing away. Watch it in your mind as it makes its way all the way into the ocean. Now come back to you. Turn off the faucet and watch as the last of the droplets form before you wipe them off your now rejuvenated body.

When do I start reciting things though?

This focus, this notice of mundane things, this thanks giving for all you see, feel, and touch in that bathroom… this is meditation.
There… all done. No need for mantras, or dreamy words that you don’t believe in just yet.
There’s no right or wrong way of doing this. You don’t have to focus on all those things on the same day. One day you could be focused and thankful for just your body and how it feels. The next could be what’s inside the bathroom.
You can be thankful for all the people who made the things in that bathroom available to you. The sunrise, the moon, the clear sky outside your bathroom window — every bathroom has one, I can bet on it. If your window is not all clear, just crack it open a bit and imagine what’s on the other side of it.

Why this la-di-da experience instead of just freshening up?

This is all that you might need to keep you from insanity. This is all that you might need to keep a smile on your face all, or at least most of the day.
This smile might be all a stranger needs to stay sane, and their sanity might be all the next person needs. Just like that, a five-minute shower — I dare say — could change the world.
I’m no advocate for super heroes. All I’m saying is, your mood affects a lot of people in a day. A good mood carries a positive ripple through everyone lucky enough to be touched by it.
😎I dare you to try it…
See, meditation isn’t that hard after all is it?
If you still think meditation is tedious then why shower at all? If you wouldn’t want to walk around all nasty, why let your mind be all in a fog? Just saying…

This shower meditation technique can be used at any time. If you feel like your brain is going to explode, and you have the opportunity to work from home, just do it! Hop in the shower and let your mind be relieved of all that tension.
Okay, multiple showers a day seem like a stretch. Once a day regularly, now that’s a guarantee you’ll need those breaks less and less with time.
You’ll probably want to extend the five-minute meditation after a while cause it feels so damn good.🙌”

Guest Blog post by DEVOTA WAMBUI.

What do you like to do for relaxation??

Do you think you will try this??

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