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“My name is Sheila Atieno,am mostly known as Aswan after my mom . I haven’t lived much with my nuclear family since they died when I was so young. I have lived in a home in Kinangop, Kenya called Into Abba’s arms since I was 12 years. That is all i can say for now there is so much I could say in between the lines about my life.

I got pregnant when I was 23 in 2019 and the journey has been anything but easy. Though I thank God, sometimes my body behaves in weird ways i did not expect but that is because it is my first child i guess.

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and feeling blessed. Though the emotional roller coaster could be a topic in itself. I get hurt easily and sometimes feels like no one cares, yet around me I know they are people supporting me. Therefore, I take it that those feelings may be a voice the enemy is using to stress me 🤷‍♀
The best times of the pregnancy have been when I got to laugh though sometimes I thought I would push the baby out then I opt to smile😂
The worst times of my pregnancy is when I did not know what to eat, the smell of onions really irritated me and made me hate food altogether. However, I had to be strong and go to work.
The advise I would give to young girls in my situation, whether your pregnancy was planned or not make sure to talk to God to give you strength and help you not get stressed easily. Be close to your pastors and find someone you trust and share your feelings. Do not keep it all inside..
Lastly, do not allow guilt to cloud your judgement. All you have to do is repent and if you do it sincerely you will feel a forgiveness and peace like never before.
If it is possible talk to your fiancee let them know what is bothering you; they never know whats happening unless you speak up.
Do not listen to what other people say; sweetheart, you are strong and are living for two- that is what amazes me.
Keep smiling through it all and keep God first.”

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