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First of all, ladies and gentlemen, I apologize to those who made you believe that kids were gonna be anything but annoying. Yes, they will be sweet, cute, funny and have moments when you want to kiss and cuddle them but truth is every child has to be annoying. If a child is never annoying, are they even children??

Anyways let’s get into it. The first question you need to ask yourself as a parent is what specific behaviors exhibited by your child make you annoyed? Write them down. Then have a sit down with your child at your most relaxed time of the day. Without alluding to reasons or thoughts you already have, bring your concerns over your child’s behavior stating your feelings and how you feel it negatively affects them and you. Remember no blaming, just raising concerns and your feelings. This ensures that your child does not feel defensive about this particular behavior and can share with you honestly why they engage in the particular behavior/s.

The aim of this is to understand where your child is coming from and the motivation to engage in the behaviors, they are engaging in. WHY? So that you can have the information to find another motivator for a different, more positive behavior.

If you shout or overreact, you will not have a platform to understand how you could influence/motivate your teenager or child to do/choose better. Start this early and realize you have a clean slate of being the positive influence in your child’s life.


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Parents are never annoying. How dare you say that about African parents?? Do you want us to get whooped, me and you together for calling them annoying?! Let’s face it, everyone can be annoying but not everyone can be called annoying.

First things first, African culture has some toxic aspects that can be discussed in a whole separate book but one thing is that children need to be able to get a voice and get to be listened to. So, dear children of dear un-annoying African Parents I believe there are nonthreatening ways to reach agreements with your parents.

If you have an aunt, uncle or your parent’s friend whom you fee has great influence on your parents and is more approachable in your opinion, let them know what is happening and how you feel and find out what they feel about the situation and if there is support they can offer you.

Some parents are also quite approachable and it is advisable as a child to evaluate the situation and relationship between you and your parents. I think it is always advisable to try and be the mention your concerns to your parents. Tips to keeping the conversation positive, is be humble, non-judgmental and mention your feelings, your concerns (No blaming).

Example: Dad/Mom I feel that the radio audio barely gets to my room, I really wish it could coz I would be able to listen to the pastor preaching.

DO’S: Mention your feelings, concerns.

DONT’S: don’t mention what the other party has/hasn’t done. Be non-blaming.

NOTE: I didn’t say how Dad didn’t connect the radio audio properly, though I might be thinking that. I didn’t mention the reason I think he didn’t connect it properly though I may be thinking he didn’t really want me listening to the radio and so on and so forth.

Tell me, what do you think??

Aren’t we all annoying at one point or the other??

We are all still precious human beings. Let us learn to live with each other 🙂

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