“Aren’t you tired of people expecting you to be a super mom? Every day you have to wake up, every day you have to look the part if you’re going to the office, every day you have to deal with people who think you should be at home cooking and cleaning, and if you’re single still cater for the bills because it’s your responsibility.

Every day you have to pick your kid(s) from school, every day you have to come back home and cook, every day you have to be perfect, every single day. Being a mom means no days off but carrying the whole world on your shoulders wasn’t meant for just one person.

Societal pressures, lack of a support system, and generally not knowing how to care for your well-being can lead to post-partum depression. Not dealing with it in its early stages makes that bundle of joy quickly become your biggest nightmare. This in turn will make a relationship with your child nearly impossible to attain.

Honestly being a “there mom” is much better than being a super mom. It’s okay to not get everything done the way other people want you to. It’s okay to cry, if your children see it, they will one day appreciate the fact that you were vulnerable with them. You showed them that it’s healthy to release certain energies and feelings, and that most importantly you always pick yourself up afterwards.

Pic from college express website.

It’s okay to ask for help.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Whether it’s in the form of paid help, family or friends, we’re in this world together for a reason. We can’t make it without each other. If we could, everyone would have their own little universe.

Call your mom when you could use just a few hours to yourself. Call another family member or that one friend and ask them to babysit for you. Hire if it’s in your capacity to do so. This is not selfishness, this is self-love. Embrace it.

The fact that you get out of bed every morning without fail makes YOU a super mom!”

When do you feel you could use some help as a mom??

and how easy is it for you to reach out?? Try it more often.

by Devota Mkanjala.

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