Everyone is talking about mental health nowadays but the question is do they understand what they are talking about?
Ask yourself these questions and let’s see how well you understand your mental health.

What is Mental Health?

How do you know when you have poor mental health?

How do you know you are experiencing optimal mental health & how to keep it that way?

These are the questions I will be addressing in this post briefly and in an easy way to understand.

What is mental health?

Mental Health is  how you are doing emotionally and psychologically; your thought process and cognitive behaviours. If they are issues that cause you significant impairment in functionality in your everyday life, then you may be suffering from a mental health disorder.

What are the signs of poor mental health?

In order to seek help when they get to that point. Once you are experiencing unpleasant emotions and they are affecting your day to day functioning and you feel significantly unable to carry out activities you used to at ease- it is a sign of something more. When you get to that point it is good to take a break and rest, if that does not work it is advisable to seek professional help

Psycho-social help can be found at health care centers, K.N.H(Kenyatta National Hospital) Youth Center(FREE), church counselors and individual psychologists/counselors at various organizations and centers. This is always good so that you can solve an issue before it escalates into a mental health disorder.

How do you know you are experiencing optimal mental health?

By feeling full of energy, able to enjoy the activities you usually do and you are able to function without much difficulty in your everyday life despite the normal challenges of life means you are experiencing optimal/GREAT Mental health and need to continue on that path.

How do you maintain or ensure optimal/good mental health?

By practicing self care. Self care consists of doing things you love, engaging in hobbies that make you feel at peace and alleviate any negative emotions. In addition, taking frequent breaks and knowing when you are overwhelmed with work, family or personal issues and know how to unwind. Make sure you have a solid and positive support system that you can rely on when things are not going well. Lastly, hydrate, exercise and show your body love– whatever that means for you! 🙂

Let me know what you think.

Any Suggestions on subsequent topics you would like me to address, let me know.

With Love,

Ivanna Waweru.



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