It can be tempting to say

“I am depressed !”

“I am anxious !”

But then this could be far from the truth because these two adjectives are actually mental health disorders and are actually as serious as any other physical ailment. It is not a joke or to be said lightly.

Today I just want to help people out there understand what it really means to be overly anxious and heading to a disorder (GAD- Generalized Anxiety Disorder) or actually there already. What does it feel like to be anxious;

You are always worrying excessively… This worry has been going on for 6 months or more and you still always feel excessively worried/afraid about something in your life. You feel you cannot control the worry/ or stop it. For example, you are always worried about your health and you keep obsessing over your health and even when you try to distract yourself the thought comes back and it is as though you are obsessing over what is stressing you.

You not only feel worried but also feel some of the symptoms I shall mention below;

Feeling restless.

Constant Fatigue.

You simply cant concentrate

You feel muscle tension frequently

Difficulty sleeping, getting sleep, staying asleep, feeling not well rested.

So my dear, if you are feeling excessively worried and experience three or more of the symptoms mentioned above you ,might need to go see your general practitioner firs to rule out any other condition and then book an appointment with a psychologist who will direct you further on whether you can engage in talk therapy or need to see a psychiatrist immediately.

NB: Difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that a psychiatrist is there to diagnose any mental health conditions and do assessments as their main job description whereas a psychologist engages you in talk therapy and helps you cope with mild to moderate mental health issues and can carry out a pre-assessment to refer you to a psychiatrist but cannot diagnose you.

If you feel overwhelmed and need to talk to someone, my email is ivanna.waweru@gmail.com. I am a counselling Psychologist passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves.

With love,

Ivanna Waweru.

Reference: >>Diagonistic and statistical manual of mental disorders(DSM5); 5th edition<<




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