Its been a roller coaster for all of the human race since the pandemic, Corona Virus hit the world. People with pre-existing mental health conditions and history of emotional instability have been more susceptible to higher bouts of instability and anxiety. But really, everyone has felt more uneasy than they would usually feel in normal circumstances.

Here are five tips to keep yourself grounded and sane:

  • SEARCH YOUR SPIRITUALITY AND SEEK MEANING IN THAT: Whatever spirituality means to you. Tune in to that more often. If you have to meditate, pray, do yoga or just surrender control to a higher power – do it!
  • ENGAGE IN WELLNESS CHALLENGES: challenge yourself to be better by engaging in fitness challenges and wellness challenges. I did a video on the same, you can watch it here:
  • JOURNAL ON A DAILY BASIS: Make it a habit during these times to write down your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.
  • CALL PEOPLE YOU LOVE AND CARE ABOUT: Call your grandma, your mama, your bestie, your confidant and just anyone you connect with and that makes you happy; even random friends. It really helps to curb feelings of disconnect that plague us all during these uncertain times.
  • DISCOVER NEW HOBBIES: If you are one of those people who always had their free time cut out for them and used to have specific hobbies you engaged in, now is the time to spice it up a little  and add other hobbies into the routine. It will help you gain a sense of control over your life despite the way things are spiraling out of control in the outer world.

Try these five things and let me know how much it improves the quality of your life during this quarantine/ partial lockdown period 🙂

With Love,

Ivanna <3

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